Monday March 26
Qualification (11x10 boards)
10.30  Captains Meeting (comments and suggestions can be e-mailed in advance)

11.00-12.25  Match one
12.35-14.00  Match two
14.10-15.35  Match three
15.45-17.10  Match four
17.20-18.45  Match five
18.45-19.30  Dinner

Tuesday March 27

11.30-12.55  Match six
13.05-14.30  Match seven
14.40-16.05  Match eight
16.15-17.40  Match nine
17.40-18.40  Dinner
18.40-20.05  Match ten
20.15-21.40  Match eleven

Teams that finish 1-6 of their group progress to intermediate final A. Teams that finish 7-12 in their group progress to intermediate final B. Results of the matches against teams from the same group are carried forward.

Wednesday March 28
Intermediate Finals (6x10 boards against teams from the other group)

11.30-12.55  Match one
13.05-14.30  Match two
14.40-16.05  Match three
16.15-17.40  Match four
17.40-18.40  Dinner
18.40-20.05  Match five
20.15-21.40  Match six

Teams 1-7 from Intermediate final A qualify for the Quarter Finals, as well as the winner from Intermediate final B.

Thursday March 29
Quarter Finals (2x14 boards)
Q1: 1A chooses an opponent (from 5A/6A/7A/1B)
Q2: 2A chooses an opponent, etc.

11.30-13.30  Session one
13.45-15.45  Session two


Finals B/C/D/E (3x14 boards)
Each final has four teams. The finals are determined by vips after all previous matches.

11.30-13.30  Match one
13.45-15.45  Match two
16.00-18.00  Match three
18.00-19.30  Dinner

Semifinals (2x14 boards)
Winner QF1 vs winner QF4, winner QF2 vs winner QF3. Two teams from the same country will play each other.

16.00-18.00  Session one
18.00-19.30  Dinner (plus some prizes)
19.30-21.30  Session two

Facultative: losing QF-teams can choose to take the evening off, or play consolation matches with the same boards as in the SF.


Friday March 30
Finals (3x14 boards)

11.00-13.00  Session one
13.15-15.15  Session two
15.30-17.30  Session three

17.30-19.00 Prize giving ceremony

13.15-17.00  Matchpoint Pairs tournament
All participants, as well as captains, coaches, guests, and transnational partnerships are welcome to play.

Facultative: the losing SF-teams can compete for third place.


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