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In January 1993 the first international junior event took place in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, a beautiful city in the south of the Netherlands. In the next twelve years junior bridge players from all around the globe came to participate. In 2005 the event moved to ‘bridge and chess pub Two Clubs’ in Amsterdam for one year. In 2006 came the move to Het Witte Huis, also in Amsterdam, where it stays until today. During all those years players like Versace (It), Hackett (GB), Rohowski (Ger), Brogeland (Nor), Bessis (Fr), Nyström (Swed), Wooldridge (USA), Wolpert (Can), Nowasadski (Pol), Gromow (Rus) and many others came to the Netherlands to compete; later on in their careers they won important international bridge titles. From the Dutch team that won the Bermuda Bowl in 2011 Van Prooijen, De Wijs, Brink and Drijver were regular participants in the junior team events in the Netherlands.


January 2020 - Jeugdbridge